Agam's System

Agam’s system consists of a solid cage equipped with sensors, adjustable barriers and fish attraction elements.

Fish swim freely into the cage keeping them in their own natural environment, as opposed to standard methods which involve removing fish of from the water which increases stress, injuries and mortality—all contributing to lower yields.

Sensors provide precise data on fish behavior and weight. This data is essential for determining a precise feed conversion ratio (FCR) and an optimized harvest schedule.

A net attached to the cage is used to store the fish post-sorting and prior to shipping. This distinctive storing & sorting option enables simultaneous feeding during harvest days, maintaining healthy and accurate feeding cycles.

Solution highlights

Attract fish of all sizes.

Sort fish acording to selected size

Store sorted fish for batch size quantity

Main advantages

Yield increase

Decreased mortality, stress damage & continuous feeding

Labor & time savings

Automated catching, sorting and weighing for accurate biomass calculations

Feed optimization

Maximize growth while minimizing expenses

New & expanded capabilities

Treat selected subpopulations by size (partial harvest, selective feeding, wild breeding elimination)

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