An in-water, stress-free precision aquaculture system for increasing farm profit.

Agam's all-in-one fish catching, sorting and counting technology for farm raised fish, allows farmers to perform ongoing biomass estimations, subpopulation-focused procedures and size-specific batching for harvesting.


Accurate feeding optimizes fish growth and maximizes yields. Feed accounts for 60% of the farm expenses.

Subpopulation-focused PROCEDURES

Expanded farm capabilities such as selective feeding or eliminating wild breeding enhances fish growth and pond habitat.

Size-specific batching for HARVESTING

Improves yield and pricing, decreases fish mortality and stress damage and allows continuous feeding

An all-in-one fish catching, sorting and counting system

Agam Aquaculture has developed an in-water, stress-free automation for inland aquaculture farms that increases farm profitability and the overall quality of the fish and their health.

Agam’s solution addresses many of the issues that arise throughout routine procedures during growth and harvest cycles. Specifically, during the feeding, harvesting, sorting and weighing processes, which have a direct impact on the fish, their health, water quality, labor costs and profitability.

Proven POC: fish are inside the system

Our Solution

Agam’s system enables routine fish farming procedures to be performed automatically and accurately inside the fish’s natural habitat with zero stress and minimal damage and disruption caused to the fish.

The system provides an automated data driven solution for catching, sorting and counting farm raised fish. Agam’s system utilizes unique sensors developed in-house that can operate under any visibility condition, including murky water.

Our system is applicable for a wide range of inland fish ponds
and RAS systems and suitable for most fish types

Cachama (Tambaqui)

Main advantages of using Agam’s system

Yield increase

Decreases mortality, stress damage, Continuous feeding, and bigger fish which makes better pricing

Labor & time savings

Automated catching, sorting and counting for accurate biomass calculations

Feed optimization

Maximize growth while minimizing expenses

New & expanded capabilities

Treat selected subpopulations by size (partial harvest, selective feeding, wild breeding elimination)

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